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Community Offerings:
Events, Classes, & Workshops

Eleyah is now offering fun and creative experiences for All Ages! 

Bringing the truly natural, connective, LIVE medicine to YOU and your people is what sparks these offerings.

Social Realia Weekly Gatherings

Saturdays May-September 3-6pm @ Lithia Park (grassy area near playground)

A co-creation station for people of all ages to come together and enjoy! 

* Art  *Music  *Games  *Inspiring Information  *Whatever you'd like to share!

For More Info, to donate, or get involved please email: or call (541)708-0750

Available When Booked At Least 2 Weeks in Advance

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5 Element Workshop: Co-Creating With Our Inner & Outer Elements

A ceremonial setting is created to honor and learn how to use our inner elements in accordance with the elements around us through:

Qi Gong energy cultivation exercises

Acupressure techniques

Food and herbal medicine 

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Parent and Child Massage Class

Pediatric massage has been used for centuries to cure and prevent common childhood illnesses while comforting children and connecting them to their body.

In these classes, parents learn massage techniques, acupressure points, and the wisdom behind why they work so well.


Handout booklet

Shonishin/acupressure tool for child

Ear seed stickers


Chinese Medicine
Self-Care Classes for Schools

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These are great opportunities for public schools, private schools, and home-school co-op groups to have a guest presentation or series of classes for empowering holistic health. Students get in depth knowledge about how Chinese medicine works as well as hands-on activities to coach them through self-care. From toddlers to teens, these classes are sure to inspire, entertain, and teach kids how to tap into their natural healing abilties while connecting them to how their body works.


Handout booklets

Mini treatment demos

Acupressure gemstones

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