Connecting Families to Their 
Natural Healing Abilities

New Patient Special:

$90 for 9o min treatment       

*Insurance Accepted*

*Holistic Support for Families in Crisis

Beyond Drugs and Devices*

Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine is here to help awaken the brilliant, natural abilities each of us have to connect to a profoundly fulfilling life that deeply heals the roots of modern sicknesses.

 It's become self-evident that modern children, especially teens, are not getting the kind of healthcare or support they need from the prevailing, accessible systems in place.

The ancient-rooted, modern-adapted medicine provided at this clinic addresses the whole rather than just specific parts.


Once youth and their families are empowered to find and co-create the inner and outer resources needed to thrive, our world’s chaos will subside tremendously.

Available Treatments

       Acupuncture          Tuina/Acupressure Massage
        Pediatric Care        Herbal Medicine
        Diet and Lifestyle Counseling 
Cupping Massage    
Needle-less Acupuncture Techniques
Gentle Needling Techniques

Self-Care Techniques      Body Awareness
Empowered, Consensual Involvement in Treatments
Safe Alternatives to Pharmaceuticals


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Daniel Salisbury Massage Therapist



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Daniel Salisbury Massage Therapist